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RL Algorithms – PPO, DDPG and TRPO

    less than 1 minute read    

This week I learned the details of some RL algorithms (PPO, DDPG, TRPO) and implemented them. Please see my CoLab Python Notebook for more information.

Medi.RL: Final Project Proposal

    less than 1 minute read    

During week Mar 18th to Mar 22nd, I surveyed current literature in the applications of RL in business, health care, and other real life applications ( RLinRL...

Train and Test Policies in OpenAI Gym Environments

    less than 1 minute read    

This week I played around with OpenAI Gym. Specifically, I explored most environments in Gym, tested a random policy, deterministic heuristic policy and t...

RL: Tabular Solution Methods

    less than 1 minute read    

Week Feb 23rd to Mar 1st, I started learning Reinforcement Learning (RL). I finished Chapter 1 to 8 of Sutton’s RL book. Since I am more efficient working...

Implement CovNet using PyTorch

    7 minute read    

This post shows how to build a ConvNet using PyTorch. A ConvNet is made up of Layers. Every Layer has a simple API: It transforms an input 3D volume to an...

Convolutional Neural Networks

    3 minute read    

The post summarizes design principles of convolutional archietectures and landmark object recognition results. The layout follows my own learning steps: i...

Elynn launches Github website

    less than 1 minute read    

I finally got around to putting up my website at Github. It happens that today is also my birthday. So my Github website shares the same birthday with myself...

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